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Back to Nature Guide to Catfishes
Title: Back to Nature to Catfishes.
Author: David Sands.
Publishing year: 1997
Number of pages: 128.
Format: 170x240 mm.
Hardcover: Yes
Number of color photos: app. 285

Chapters: Catfishes, Aquarium (The nocturnal aquarium; Wood, pebbles, plants, and sand; The green; Water), South American Catfishes, African and Asian Catfishes, Coldwater catfishes., Index.

Species descriptions: More than 165 species. Each species is described with scientific name, trade name, distribution, habitat, maximum length, food, breeding, maintenance.

Published in: English, German, Swedish, Danish, Dutch and French.

Distributor of respective language:
Swedish - Simontorp Säteri AB, Sweden
German - Dähne Verlag, Germany
Dutch - Verduijn Cichlids, Holland
French - Aquatic Nature I.A.T, Belgium
Danish - Flyvefisken, Denmark
English - American continent - Cichlid Press, USA,
 - Australia - ABS Technologies,
 - South Africa - Akwa Pet Products,
 - Other places - Fohrman Aquaristik AB
 - Great Britain - J&K Aquatics Ltd

Catfishes are the most popular group of ornamental fishes available today - ask any aquarist, retailer, wholesaler, importer, and exporter. Almost every aquarium community has its resident species. In nature catfishes thrive in torrential waterfalls, large lakes, thundering rivers, and quiet streams. They are mostly nocturnal, secretive, mysterious animals, and this factor certainly makes them attractive to hobbyists. Another factor behind their success is the wonderful multitude of sizes, shapes, and forms found throughout the world. In captivity most catfishes are adaptable to water conditions and they usually prove extremely resilient against diseases.
This up-to-date guide provides an overview to species currently available and includes basic information on how to maintain them in aquarium.

Information about the author:
Dr. David Sands (Preston, Lancashire, UK) has researched catfishes for 25 years. He has photographed hundreds of species and authored numerous books including the groundbreaking text book series, Catfishes of the World. He studied fish behavior at Liverpool University and was awarded a doctorate in 1995 for research on Catfishes in the upper Rio Negro, Brazil. His expeditions have taken him to Peru. Guyana, Brazil, Indonesia, and North America. He currently runs an animal behavioral clinic in partnership with veterinary surgeons in the northwest of England.

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