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Back to Nature Guide to Malawi Cichlids
Title: Back to Nature guide to Malawi Cichlids, 2nd edition.
Author: Ad Konings.
Publishing year: 2003
Number of pages: 208.
Format: 170x240 mm.
Hardcover: Yes
Number of color photos: app. 600

Chapters: The natural environment, The aquarium, Water and filtration, Food and feeding, Breeding, Diseases, Some examples, Aulonocara-group, Haplochromis group, Mbuna group, Large predators group, Index.

Species descriptions: More than 240 species. Each species is described with scientific name, trade name, distribution, habitat, food, breeding behavior, difficulty, maximum size (both male and female), minimum aquarium (both length and capacity), size of the brood.

Published in: English, German, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Dutch, Polish and French.

Distributor of respective language:
Swedish - Simontorp Säteri AB, Sweden
Danish - Simontorp Säteri AB, Sweden.
Norwegian - Nye Kri Zoo, Norway
German - Dähne Verlag, Germany
Dutch - Verduijn Cichlids, Holland
French - Abysse, France
Polish - Cichlid Press, Poland
English - American continent - Cichlid Press, USA,
 - Australia - ABS Technologies,
 - South Africa - Akwa Pet Products,
 - Europe - Fohrman Aquaristik AB
 - Great Britain - J&K Aquatics Ltd

Malawi cichlids have been, and will probably always remain, among the most popular aquarium fishes of all time. Their brilliant colors, ease of maintenance, and interesting behavior are the three most important reasons for their popularity.
A selection of these fishes is all you need to create an interesting and decorative aquarium in your home. In order to enjoy your Malawi cichlid aquarium to the full, however, it is essential to take their specific maintenance requirements into account. This new guide provides expert advice on all the elements of proper maintenance, such as choice of aquarium (with details of the minimum size and capacity required for each species discussed), creating the correct water conditions, providing appropriate decor, feeding, breeding, common diseases, etc. A detailed foldout map and 600 photos make this guide indispensable for anyone interested in these beautiful fishes.

Information about the author:
Ad Konings (El Paso, Texas) is biologist of profession and has more than 30 years of experience with Malawi cichlids and has dived for more than 1000 hours in the lake. As author of more than 15 books on cichlids he specializes in underwater observation and photography of these fishes. He is publisher of cichlid-related books, CD-ROMs, and videos (Cichlid Press).

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